Thursday, October 16, 2014

Some bloopers for you to see

Bonjour, mes amis. (Don't know why I did that, just felt like a little French flourish.)

I don't believe in waste (if I can help it), so when I recently tried out some new techniques (and failed) I turned them around to add to my stash of cards to offload onto my friends and family.  :)

This first card was supposed to look like Therese Calvird's beautiful die embossed and stamped card (pictured here), but I couldn't get the tension right on my die cutting machine and it kept on cutting out the butterfly and not embossing the frame. Rather than throw out the lot I fell back on a favourite technique with colour sponging and foam tape to lift the coloured layer off the stamped image. I then sprinkled over some water drops to watermark the colours and when dry, drenched it in Glimmer Mist. It'll do! :)

The second card was a test run for a commission using Distress Markers and I was trying out a background colouring technique. 

The image was stamped with Archival Ink and then masked with some Molotow Grafx Art Masking Liquid. (I only discovered it the other day and it was exactly what I wanted for what I had in mind - and I love using it already!) Only problem was that my background ending up a muddy grey colour - not a good look! After splashing on some more green and blue colours, I got it fairly reasonable. Once I splattered over some Glimmer Mist in a number of colours, it started looking even better. So here is the finished product. 

Alex, my son, said it looked like a sympathy card, but maybe it could be a masculine card or a birthday card for some-one over 50 (they don't need a lot of colour!) ;?) Only joking - I'm in that group as well.

Anyway, I'm going back to try it out again (this time with another type of paper). Hopefully I'll get lucky this time.

Bye for now.



  1. I would definitely not call these cards 'bloopers', I was always told that they were 'creative opportunities' lol, and you certainly made the most of them.
    I'm not sure if I explained it very well in my video (may have to do it again) but when I ran the die and embossing folder through my machine I actually left my embossing folder open with the cutting pads / mats etc. But I only know the Bigshot sandwich and from what I hear each machine can even be slightly different, and that can be frustrating too. Not sure if this will help or not, but I'm so happy that you were inspired by my card, thanks for the mention.

    1. I did leave my embossing folder open. I use a Cuttlebug and just couldn't get the layers right. Maybe I'll try a different cutting die???

    2. Thanks for the extra info though, much appreciated.

  2. I love your self-deprecating sense of humor, Janelle! I also think your bloopers look a lot better than a lot of nonbloopers I've seen! I especially love how the second one turned out. It's not brightly colored, but it has a marvelous elegant sheen to it, so anyone in need of a thinking-of-you card would be delighted to receive it!! Thank you for your recent visit and good wishes!! Hugs, Darnell


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