Monday, September 1, 2014

A Little Something using Heartfelt Creations

Hello again! I'm back!

Today I'm offering a thank-you card I made for my son's choir teacher, who's going on leave for the rest of the year, travelling around the world. Mrs Mechielson has done such a great job with the kids and my son has had a fantastic time in choir over the last few years. Anyway, I made the card for her using some of the "Celebrate The Journey" Collection from Heartfelt Creations

The card I made was CASEd from one created by Emma Lou Beechy.

I used a similar layout with the suitcase, flourish die cuts and the tag; but because my card was so large (it was 15 x 21cm finished), I had to add more embellishments to fill the space. This card was not a CAS card at all!

Looking at my card it's also more colourful than Emma Lou's. I'm glad that the flowers turned out nicely. I used the Majestic Blooms stamp and die sets. After I stamped, die cut them and sponged them with colour, I then spritzed them with water and screwed the petals up and let it dry. It's amazing how they turn out.

Hopefully, Mrs Mechielsen will love her present that the kids got her, and it's a shame I won't be there to see it as my son has been sick since Saturday afternoon and still wasn't able to go to school today, so will miss presenting the present and card this afternoon on parade. Thankfully there is someone there to fill in for him.

I'm going to be doing some more items featuring Heartfelt Creations over the next couple of days. They had their Design Team call out recently and I would have loved to participate, but couldn't due to some of my health problems at the moment. I'm still in the mood the play with their fabulous products and my favourite design style. My next project is a gift bag/box. You'll see what I mean in a couple of days.

Bye for now.



  1. These are beautiful projects!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. This is a beautiful take on Emma Lou's card, Janelle! I love how colorful yours is and you're right, those flowers you made are so real looking and amazing! I see your answer to Marisa above, so I'm assuming you are okay. You said you would be back in a couple of days, but you aren't and then with you and your son not being well, I got concerned. You take care and I hope your son is back to normal! I also hope someone videotaped the presentation to the teacher so you and your son could see it! I know she will treasure this card always!! Hugs, Darnell

    1. Thanks Darnell. Yep, we're well (the big boy has been sick with it this week though and thoroughly milking it for all it's worth!) :) I did sort of put this project aside and just haven't gotten back to it. On the TO DO list for this weekend. The teacher saw me later in the week and exclaimed over how much she loved the card. The joy on her face was enough to make Alex and myself feel better.
      I appreciate your concern. It's lovely to know there are people looking out for me. You're a doll! Love, Janelle

  3. Gorgeous card Janelle, all those wonderful layers and details, this is so outta my league.... LOVE it!


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