Friday, January 25, 2013

It's funny where craft takes us...

I've been sitting at the dining table for a couple of hours covering my son's school books, getting ready for his return to school next Tuesday, when it occurred to me that I was using so much of my craft stuff, just to cover his exercise books.

Firstly, I am using some kraft paper that I've recycled from the packaging in my HOTP/Paper Wishes parcels I get when I order stuff via the net. It's amazing how much paper can be reused; and what is used, is just the ideal size to cover exercise books. I usually roll up all of the pieces when I'm unpacking the parcels and it waits until I need it. (I have used it on cards etc as well.)

Secondly I printed out some digi-papers that I use to help my son identify his book types quickly. I just put a rectangle of one type on the front of each of his books that are the same, eg, all of his grid books have a blue patchwork paper on front.

Next I used a digi-frame to create his name plate, that I then printed out, cut up and then used my corner punch on.

Lastly where would I be without my Kaisercraft paper cutter. Certainly much faster than cutting the paper with scissors.

I'm lucky that he didn't want any other decoration on his books, otherwise I probably would have been stamping and cutting as well.

Is there anyone else who finds they use their crafting "stuff" for things for other everyday life tasks?

Bye again,

P.S. Sorry the photo's not that good - contact doesn't photograph that well inside the house at night.


  1. I wish my books had looked like this when I was at school... your son is so lucky! I do find that I use my crafty stuff, usually it's when I'm wrapping gifts, but sometimes when you least expect it... like needing doubled sided tape to hang the mirror in the right place before the screws go in, go figure.

  2. What a great idea! These are really fun! I'll be your son loves that!


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