Monday, July 30, 2012

I made the cover!

I made the cover of Australian Simply Cards Issue 46 with a cute card made with a Darkroom Door Buttons background stamp and some wooden spool buttons. It was part of my article about using buttons and current trends.

The postcard used on it is from FabScraps Journal Tags book (that I bought at Photo Continental in Brisbane - ohhh! Photo Continental!!! My favourite all-time crafting shop).

Getting published is cool - but making the cover is extra special. My thanks to Rachel Greig for her kind thoughts about my card and her very generous gift of a free stamp for sharing. I was lucky enough to meet Rachel at the Scrapbooking Expo back in June and I loved talking about her photos that she then turns into her stamps, etc. Such a very talented  and lovely woman.

Speaking of stamps, I'm also going to try out the free stamps with the magazine - they are so cute!

See Ya!


  1. Hi Janelle, I loved each of the cards you shared in A S C featuring buttons. Best friends Forever is such a beautiful layered creation with the lace, die cuts and lovely flowers. You're so lucky having Photo Continental in your area.... I get to see them at the shows only!

  2. Thanks Sue! It's so nice to have fellow cardmakers make positive comments about my cards. I'm still only new to the idea of sharing my designs and it's a great thrill to be praised.


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