Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My house reno

This year I'd been badgering my husband to get an addition to the house so we could have a larger bedroom and a playroom. Unfortunately it would have been too expensive. Instead he agreed to a reno (considering we've been in the house for 17 years without anything done to it inside - it was well and truly due!)

Those following my blog will know that earlier this year I got my wall oven and stove-top replaced; now (at this exact moment) I'm getting the interior repainted and then on the weekend, new carpet laid - Woohoo!
Here is an action shot of Mark and Sean (from Darren Slater Painter and Decorator) painting my WIR and ensuite. It's going to be a pretty blue walls with white doors/architraves/skirting boards/ceilings) instead of the Beige I've had to put up with since we moved in. You can see hints of the blue on the wall in the ensuite.

In the dining room/loungeroom, the walls will be a mid green; and the entry/kitchen and family room will be a mixture of the green and a dark cream.

Consequently for the past two weeks (or for me 4 weeks 'cause I was packing books into boxes for a long time) we've had to pack up everything in the carpeted rooms, so they're ready for the laying of the carpet once the rooms have been painted. And if you read my previous post, all sorts of things have been packed when they shouldn't have been.

This is my crafting area at the moment. It's also our sleeping area and relaxation zone. Hahaha!. You can see my craft basket, Copic Marker satchels and laptop on our bed and our son's bed tucked in under the kitchen bench.
Luckily, once the carpeted areas have been completed, the tiled areas will be done and we don't have as much to pack up (only the stuff on top of the furniture).

I'll post more photos soon.

Bye for now.




  1. All that hard work will be worth it Janelle, what a fun project!

    1. I'm a bit concerned that the painting of the carpeted rooms won't be done in time for Saturday, when the carpet will be installed. They'll just have to be super careful when they're finishing off the rooms. Darryl reckons I need to stand behind them with a big whip in case they slow down any. hahaha!

  2. How did the timing of everything go Janelle ? Did you need to get the whip out lol. How exciting for you - the process is never nice but the end result is usually worth it. So happy for you :)

    1. Yay! They got the carpeted areas painted and the carpet was installed in time, though it did require some finessing as young Sean was fired for other things. But the big problem now is - am I going to get it finished (as it looks like the lead painter may have called it quits???) What's done looks lovely, and I'm also getting new vertical blinds (gasp - I almost fell over when Darryl looked at the old ones and said,"We really can't put these back, can we?" OMG, I also fell over in surprise! It will almost look like a new house when it's done. :)


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