Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Get Creative Challenges #42

Welcome back. I'm here again with another challenge from Get Creative Challenges #42.

This challenge was challenging for me because it was "Black and White Only", but the image I had was too pretty to only colour in black and white (and besides I've never coloured skin in black and white - too much effort!) Therefore I added a little pale blue and lemon to add just a little more interest.

Our sponsor this challenge was The East Wind. Check out the lovely digistamps here.

I even had to go to Craft Giraffe to buy some extra Copics because I didn't have enough of the right markers to colour it properly. (Life's hard, isn't it, but I'm not complaining. :) ) But I am saying goodbye to the "bricks and mortar" store of Craft Giraffe (my favorite all-time craft shop). As from 1st July, 2016 they will only have an on-line presence. They have been my inspiration and enablers to my craft addiction on more occasions than I can count. It also didn't help that they were sited just a little way from my son's school and I had to pass them every afternoon for the past 18 months. I think my husband will be joyously happy! (You all know what I mean.) Anyway, thanks for the laughs, work for Alex* and many wonderful memories, Craft Giraffe. I'll see you on your Facebook page.

Anyway, that's all for now.


* Every time I took Alex (my 13 yo son) into the store (since he was about 10), he'd always ask, "Have you got any jobs for me?" and Teena or Stevie would find a job for him to do, whether it was sorting out and tidying their trinkets, restocking their ink pads or Copic markers, etc and he LOVED it. He even wanted to do his first work experience with them when he was in Year 10 (2 years time). He will especially miss them as they made him feel grown-up and valued. Thanks so much for that.  XXX


  1. I am sad to see this store go too, I didn't get there very often but it always had so many wonderful goodies. I suspect your son probably knew just how long he could be there... and it would pay to get a job to pass the time lol. Gotta say Janelle that her hair and your card are incredible!!

    1. I couldn't go to their last day - it would have been too sad. I think you're right about Alex wanting something to pass the time, but there were times when I had to wait until he finished a job he just "had to do" - we'd leave with me about $50 poorer (besides what I'd already spent) 'cause what was I supposed to do while I was waiting??? LOL! Thanks Therese for your kind comment about my card. There's one thing I would have done differently with her hair, but am pretty pleased with the effect. With these DTs I'm getting plenty of colouring practice. :) Bye. XXX


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