Friday, February 6, 2015

My Red Astra

I always wanted a red Astra car for as long as I've been driving. Even when I bought my first new car, it was a choice between the Astra or the brand new Vectra (which in my opinion was the best car developed - boy, did it handle curves well! Too bad it was more expensive to repair.) Anyway, I digress...... I've been trying to streamline my crafting area (mainly contain it into one room - and when you have as many crafting interests as I have - that can be a big ask. :) I've managed to get my crafting table set up, but I needed a stool to use with it - hence the red Astra!

As you can see it's a lovely red colour, has gas lift and is very comfortable to sit in. For those of you who would like one - you can get them from Super AMart and the model name is ...Astra. I've finally found what I've been looking for for 30 odd years. :)

I also have to show you a photo of my precious boy ready to head off to high school for the first time. Would you say that looks like confidence? He's loving it and every arvo comes home telling me all about his day and the good and bad of it.

Doesn't he look cute?

Anyway, bye for now.


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  1. HIlarious! Looks like it would go as fast as an Astra, because everybody knows that 'red goes faster'. ps Your son looks like he is having a blast, (at least his uniform looks normal, some of the ones I've seen this year have made me cringe, I feel sorry for those kids having to wear them)


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