Sunday, June 22, 2014

Not good enough!

It's really not good enough, Janelle, that you have only been doing one post a month!!! Buck up and get at it!!!

There, now that I've given myself a good talking to, I'll tell you about my fun-filled days at the recent Papercraft Expo in Brisbane. Oh, I had so much fun!!!

First off, I'll get this out of the way. In previous posts I've told you about my health problems (CFS, numb feet, etc). Well I went to the neurologist and I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet and hands with notable deficiencies.  He isn't even sure if it's permanent or not. So for now, I just have to put up with the nerve pain, numbness and cramps. 

As part of his investigations, he sent me for a glucose tolerance test - and you guessed it - I also have Type 2 Diabetes. Yay, me!! Consequently, this is why I've not been working on all cylinders and not keeping up with my commitments (esp. card-making and blogging). So, if anyone out there can give me some support, (I've only known for two weeks), I would so desperately appreciate it. For the first four days, I didn't even know how to do the blood testing properly - thank goodness for friendly chemists! Anyway, I'm now part of the NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme) and trying to absorb all of the info re diabetes.

Now onto some fun stuff. The craft expo was brilliant. I went on the Saturday (so incredibly packed, you could hardly move) and did two card classes; and then on the Monday, I went with a fellow scrapper and did two scrapping classes. I'll post pictures tomorrow - keep you hanging on. :)

I also was able to catch up with some scrapping friends, Rachel Greig  from Darkroom Door and Sue Smyth. I met Rachel about three years ago and have used many of her stamps in my commissions for Practical Publishing. She is such a talented photographer and I love her work. Sue Smythe also works for Practical Publishing, as well as for a number of other places as a demonstrator/tutor and designer. She's such a lovely lady and I adore her layered works.

I was fortunate enough to meet Jane Davenport, who was there encouraging more art journalling. She's amazing and her work is also. I love watching her work as she gets so involved in it. She is a little quirky too, which suits me. She was sweet enough to have a photo with me.

I also did a card class with Tracey Cooley from Couture Creations and she was a blast. The girls from Couture Creations all dressed up for their classes and were also very generous, as they gave away embossing folders to everyone in the class (as well as what was in the class kits). Great value.

Tracey was dressed as Tinker Bell as her class was called "Once Upon a Whimsy". She even made her glittered shoes with pompoms on the toes. (Sorry you can't see them)

Anyway, tomorrow I'll post photos of the cards I made, so you can see what I've been up to.

Bye for now,


  1. Good to see you back posting, Janelle! You gave yourself a good talking to and I appreciate that as it saves me the time and trouble!! Your photos of the craft Expo are so FUN!!

    I am sorry to hear that you have Type 2 Diabetes, but my goodness what strides they have made in caring for that condition in recent years! I'm not familiar with having diabetes, but I do have peripheral neuropathy in my legs and feet, so I can relate to how debilitating and painful that is. It turns out that when I was diagnosed with Fibromyagony, the doctor prescribed Lyrica and it turned out to be an absolute Godsend for the PN. The pain in my legs and feet went from 10 to 2 and I feel like a new woman! I went on that about four years ago now. Lyrica is most often prescribed for Diabetes and PN is a common side-effect of that, so you should ask your doctor about trying it out, if you aren't already. My doctor says that I have had a better outcome than any of her other patients, so it might not work as dramatically for you, but it is definitely worth a try even if it only helps a little bit! (I have had NONE of the adverse side-effects, thank God.) I hope that helps. I wish you all the best with it and I know you will handle your condition with grace and humor! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Sounds like you had a blast at the Expo, I didn't make it this year (a first in ages for me... ) but I'm hoping to get there next year. I can't wait to see your creations!! Glad that they worked out what was going on with your health at least with answers you may be on track to feeling better. hugs x


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