Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back again ... Sorry it's been so long!

It's been such a long time since I've posted ... I thought you might like to know what I've been up to.

I had my hand and wrist operated on to release the carpal tunnel. I'm slowly recovering from this, but I have to admit it's not healing as well as the other wrist I had done 10 years ago. The scar on my palm hasn't healed properly and now has a hard lump that sticks into me when I grab onto something. But enough about that!

During this time I also had my Mum in hospital for emergency surgery for a twisted bowel and a complication from diverticulitis. It was very serious at the time, but she's well and truly recovering brilliantly. She astounds me with what she perseveres with - nothing stops her for long! Mind you, this happened the day after we buried her last remaining sibling (and her favourite sister, Ellen) who died the week before from mesothelioma. Quite stressful which has caused my CFS to flare up. Not good but I'll get better.

During this time I also completed my finals' projects for the Heartfelt Creations Design Team. I've included some close-ups and sneak peek of the flowers I made for my projects. 

I made a scrapbook layout using the blue flowers, featuring one of the last photos of my Mum and Auntie Ellen together. I've made another copy so Mum can put it on her wall. 

I created two cards using the pink roses I made. I was sent the Vintage Floret Collection paper stack, floral stamps and matching dies to create my projects and I loved creating the flowers (esp. the pink roses). I luckily had some other HC stamps and dies to incorporate as well.

I find out on 30th October if I've made it onto the Design Team. (fingers, legs and eyes crossed! :)  :)  :)  I hope I am good enough as I'd love the opportunity. 

Finally, today my husband was told that as from the 13th December he will be made redundant from his job with Main Roads (our State Government Road building authority) because of changes that have been made by our state government leaders - $#%$$@# idiots! Darryl was one of about 100 people "sacked" today. This is from a government that spruiks that it's about job creation. Hah! Luckily my hubby will have a little/some time to get another job before it impacts on our lifestyle, so once again fingers crossed.

Promise to post again in a couple of days.

Bye for now,

P.S. Sorry for today's post - but it was a much needed vent! Thanks for suffering along with it!

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  1. Oh dear Janelle, sounds like things have been in turmoil, sending lots of happy thoughts your way that your world flips back to 'right' real soon! Hugs Therese. ps love your sneak peeks


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