Sunday, August 25, 2013

Papertrey Ink Scrap-A-Faire 2013

I wanted to do a little cardmaking with the Papertrey Ink Scrap-A-Faire this weekend, as I missed it last year and it looked so interesting.
I managed to catch some of it last night, but at 10.00pm it's a little late to start I turned on again this morning. They had a number of activities to work through, including Sweet Sugar-Coated Embellishments, Limited Ingredients Challenge, Tea dyeing, Scent-sational Cards (you know - scratch and sniff) and Custom Accents from the Kitchen (working with shrink plastics).

The first card I made was for the Limited Ingredients Challenge, where we were given a list of ingredients (materials) that could only be used - nothing else.

It was really difficult to stick to these colours as I desperately wanted green for some leaves - maybe I'll add some later! Also I didn't have exactly the same PI coloured cardstock and inks, so I had to approximate the look with what I had. The colours I've used include aqua, melon and golden yellow (though my golden yellow is slightly more pumpkin). I also used some light grey ink for the highlighting and the sentiment stamping. I also got out my clear glitter and added a dash; and since I've got it out, I'll do a card now following the Sweet Sugar-Coated Embellishments guidelines.

My second card has a glittered background over a collage of stamped roses. The strip at the bottom was inked after I laid down two strips of low-tack tape. In real life I used white cardstock as my base, but the glitter has picked up the pink from the stamps. I didn't have some spray adhesive like in the instructions, so instead I used VersaMark ink and then sprinkled over some Stampendous Stamp N' Bond, which is a heat activated adhesive powder. The glitter stuck to it really well and it was super easy to use.

I had plans to do some more cards, but I ran out of steam.

Anyway bye for now,


  1. Gorgeous Janelle! I was visiting friends on the sunshine coast and have just got home now... I may just need to check out PTI...

  2. I've been looking at all the 'Salt' work from PTI this morning.........totally love the look too!
    Delish card!

  3. Wow! These cards are so pretty! Digging the sparkles!

  4. So sparkly and pretty, Janelle. I love PTI stamps!


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