Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm Back ... again!

Such a lot has happened since I last posted. WOW!

I actually don't know what to write about first....there is just so much. 

I'm proud to tell you that I've been published again, firstly in Australian Simply Cards (Issue 56) with a selection of cards featuring triple stamping. I also had one of my cards as the main feature on the cover of this issue. Secondly I had a selection of 15 cards published in Cardmaking  in Easy Steps (Issue 10) that were made from the one kit. Whoo!

Next I went to the Papercraft Expo in Brisbane over the Queen's Birthday long weekend. I was fortunate to take three classes, one with Rachel Greig from Darkroom Door stamps, one with Emma Lou Beechy from Heartfelt Creations and the final class with Jane Trezenza from Seriously Scrapbooking. Each of these crafters have a wealth of talent and it was a privilege to spend time with them. I've included photos of my projects accomplished during these classes. I have to admit it's refreshing to make something with someone else telling you exactly how to make it. You can't help but have a great end-product.

I spent the Monday with my friend Narelle and it was a great time which fortunately (for us) wasn't as crowded as the Saturday, so we were able to move around and have a great look around. Needless to say I spent LOTS of money.

During the past month I've also been busy making cards, including fifty for my son's fete (sorry I forgot to take photos of them), as well as three commissions for Practical Publishing.

Also during this time, I'm sorry to say, my niece Ashleigh lost her baby boy Carter to complications after he was born five weeks prematurely. It has been a terrible experience for her and her husband, Jarade; but they have been extremely strong throughout and are both now trying to look forward to the future. It's at this time that I realised that Ashleigh and her two sisters, Emma and Kristy are young women, not the girls I've thought of them for so long, and are wonderfully  strong and capable with such a strength of character that I've been blown away. My sister, Carol, is now slouch in this characteristic. She's been a rock for the entire family to lean on and she still manages to smile. Cheers to the amazing women I'm related to!

I haven't yet been able to make any cards for challenges - that's yet to happen soon.

Anyway, bye for now,


  1. Congratulations for having your cards published. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Ashleigh's baby. I feel for her.

  2. Oh my, you have been soo busy Janelle! Congrats on your wonderful publications, a set of 15 cards is huge, well done. Shame I didn't get to see you at the convention I was there on the Sunday... maybe next year!


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