Monday, April 29, 2013

Hubby's 50th Birthday Ho Hum!

I can't believe my husband sometimes!

Today was his 50th birthday, so as he gets up for work so much earlier than I need to get up, I left his birthday card on the table in his place, so he'd see it first up. When he phoned later, I asked him how he liked his card. "Whaa???" was his reply. He'd just simply pushed it aside this morning without even giving it a look! ARGHHH!

Then as part of dinner, after he'd unwrapped his presents, etc, I had a cheesecake for his birthday cake (as he doesn't like sponge cake much and I'd gone to the Cheesecake Shop to especially buy his favourite as well as a special 50th candle). Anyway, while I was finishing my dinner, he got up and got himself a yoghurt for his dessert. "But what about your cake?" I asked.   "Oh, I'm too full to eat anything more now." ARGHHH! ARGHHH!

Why do I try?

The card was based (strongly) on a card by Biggan I've pinned on my Pinterest board. Since I had no ideas - it was great to browse through ideas I had selected and choose one that I felt was right. What is it called when you pay homage to a fellow crafter by copying their work - but also remembering to acknowledge where it came from? I know "scraplift" is used for scrapbookers, but is there a specific term for cardmakers as well?

Anyway, bye for now.


  1. Congrats on your win over at SB!

  2. It's called CASE: copy and share everything. You did a beautiful CASE of Biggan's card, Janelle!

    We don't get too excited about birthdays in our house either, but we get a LITTLE more excited than your husband!! Sounds like maybe that will be his last card and cake and he'd be just fine with it. That's okay, your readers LOVE the card and I see by Therese's comment above that you WON a challenge with it! Congratulations!! I have to go see what SB stands for . . .

  3. Hi Janelle! Just wanted to pop in to say a big thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog!! I've been looking through yours too, and I love what I see - you cards a fabulous!!!

  4. Your card is fantastic Janelle:) I hope your hubby enjoyed his birthday and I will kindly have his share of cheescake if it's not wanted there LOL - Hugs xx


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