Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I'm now on two more Design Teams!

I hope I don't get into trouble for telling you this yet, but, I've been asked to be on the design team for two internet card challenges. I'm so excited!!!

They are both the brainchildren of Angie Addison. from Florida, USA. The first one is Get Creative Challenges and the other is Simply Create Too Challenges.  I'll be submitting cards for them real soon - can hardly wait!!!

I have also started a Facebook page. I'm a bit of a techno-dino, when it comes to things like that, but I need it for my crafting, so needs must....... (I think that's how it goes.) I will be using it mostly for cards etc. I hope those who have asked to be my friend don't get too disappointed with what I post on it. :)

Speaking of dinosaurs, I've ordered a ring with a Dinogem in it. In case you don't know, Dinogems are agatized dinosaur bones and sometimes called "gembone". The stone for my ring is said to be from a T Rex. How cool is that???! I'll post a photo when it comes.

Lastly I'm posting some cards I made for Practical Publishing a while back and hope you like them. They used foiling techniques from heat foiling, using glues, stamping, double-sided tape, gilding flakes and gold leaf.

The "Hello" card uses what I've called a faux velvet technique. IRL the texture on the card looks like jacquard velvet (the red/brown bits). This is because I applied gilding flakes through a stencil (onto a panel of double-sided adhesive sheet, then rubbed in some Distress Glitter once the stencil was removed. Because the glitter flakes are rather large, they don't lie flat and you see a nap, like in real velvet. 

I'd seen it with microbeads added but not the Distress Glitter, and I really love the effect that produced. Another good thing also, the glitter doesn't continue to brush off with this type. No more fairyland funhouse here.  :)

Anyway, bye for now.



  1. Lovely cards. Congratulations on the design teams.
    Best wishes. Margaret A (Sydney)

    1. Thanks Margaret. :) My first card for Get Creative is being posted on Monday. Yikes!

  2. Congrats on your new design teams! Your cards are wonderful love all the gold.

    1. Thanks Lynn. :) I have fallen into the "all that glitters is gold" trap - now I can't get enough, especially since I've bought a Mini Minc since then. There's gold and shine throughout the house.

  3. Congratulations!! Your cards are beautiful!!


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