Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter

First of all I'd like to wish everyone a happy and safe Easter. Hope the Easter bunny comes to you all.

Yesterday (Good Friday) was my father's 80th birthday. I'm posting the card I made for him using my new Mini Minc machine. 

I foiled the background using the Signature 12x12" paper pack with some Teal foil. The Charming Themed card was also foiled with the teal foil. The sentiment was foiled in gold onto a sheet of toner paper and then die cut using MFT Brushstroke Birthday Greetings die set. The 80 came from the Ephemera pack and was also foiled in gold. These were  layered onto a 14x14cm white card blank and decorated with some teal sequins. 

(OMG! It's so hot as I'm typing this - sweat is running down the sides of my face.)

The photo is terrible as I quickly took it before we drove to Dad's place for a birthday lunch. The glue has also shown up in the photo, but IRL you can't see it at all where I smudged it gluing the sentiment in place. You also can't see the colour properly. It really looked so stunning IRL.

Dad's not the sort of person who really cares about cards, but it was an excuse to play with my Minc. I'm loving it and learning a lot about it, as I've just finished a commission for Practical Publishing about the Minc machine (doing a review and cards).

One thing I've found out, though, is that, while it may be more economical to print a sheet of toner paper using a laser printer, you don't get the quality of finish as you do with the Minc Toner paper. If it's just for a background mat, the laser toner paper would suffice, but if you can see most of it, then you really need to go with the Minc toner paper. I also tried out the Minc toner pen and, while it's great for adding strokes and swirls to your paper for an artistic effect, it is NO good for colouring in sentiments etc to cover with foil (uneven and smudgy result). Also if you're die cutting a sheet of cardstock you've already foiled, leave the plastic cover sheet in place and die cut through it. You'll get less scratching of the foil.

My favourite technique to do is double foiling. I'll post a couple of cards using this technique in a couple of days. You'll love it too.

Anyway, bye for now.



  1. Looks like you've been having some Minc fun Janelle, I imagine the shiny finish must be difficult to photograph as well... I've just got a new lens for my camera and am still learning it (but I much prefer making cards lol). Big congrats to your Dad, I'll bet he just loved your card!!

    1. Thanks Therese. It is fun and I love the effect of all that shine. He said he liked it - maybe he's finally appreciating things like that. :)

  2. Great use of your Minc Janelle - bet your dad loved his card...perfect for such a special occasion birthday!

    1. Thanks Linda. I think anything bright and shiny works. :)


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